Bad News First

If you are an attractive lady, we wish you luck with your career, since you won’t need our assistance. However, if you are a guy, then you are definately going to require all the all the help you can ever get. Breaking into the adult production venture as a male performer is quite a difficult endeavor Unfortunately, the old percept that only one in around 300 men can perform exceptionally well in front of camera during a video shoot has some truth in it.For this particular reason, most directors and producers are pretty much unwilling to take any risks with a beginner over a seasoned professional. The same applies to 99% of adult modelling firms. With the absence of any proven information concerning camera expertise in your resume, the possibility of any agency to even consider registering you is quite slim.

To be able to land a job in the adult industry you should be a proven performer and if you haven’t worked before within this particular industry, then you can’t be considered as a proven performer. We are sorry to mention this, but any homemade video samples of you with your girlfriend mean nothing. It has to be on set accompanied by a camera crew. So in order to stand any chance of getting absorbed into the adult industry you will require plenty of assistance and guidance.

Now the good news

Fortunately, we can offer that help to you. We cannot promise you of succeeding eventually, but time will tell if you have what it takes to be a successful male performer. However, we can present you with the opportunity to perceive your full potential and guide your way into the adult industry. We can offer you fundamental “front of camera” skills required to set you off in the industry. As compared to a fashion model, for a particular adult firm or producer to take you seriously you need to create a portfolio: visual proof that verifies your skills and highlights your talent. You also get the privilege to work hand in hand with real porn celebrities in the very exclusive and serene environment of our studios in The UK.

We shall also give you the chance to shoot a full sex scene with one best-selling porn star. Excellent value for money, you shall join us and embrace a very fun day in your life. In the morning, our brilliant photographers will capture and present your talents and qualities and be able to add this masterpiece to your portfolio. You shall as well get to meet up and familiarize with the performer you will be working with in the shoot. We shall provide you with tips and guidelines on how to maximize your chances of succeeding in the industry throughout the day. We shall explain to you into detail the legal requirements, pay rates, how to smoothly work with adult firms and also how to efficiently communicate with the producers and the directors.

In the afternoon, you shall get the chance to shoot an exclusive sex scene that we shall edit immediately after which it is solely yours to keep. When you finally leave us you will still effectively be a member in the industry. You shall have a professional portfolio by your name, confirmable “front of camera” expertise, working with a real porn celebrity on set on a professional level and also on going advice and support concerning adult production. If you turn out to be perfect at what you are doing and we are satisfied with your performance, we sign you up at that instance, and get to be paid with the industry rates for the content that you shoot, hook you up with an agent and offer you with a contract to shoot for us again in the future.

So where is the catch?

Asking whether there exists any catch? We are sad to say that there isn’t any. We just want to transform your porn ambitions and dreams into something real. Our goal is to enable the adult industry accessible to a wider audience. All we need from you is to show us that you are very serious about your new career. Achieving a great performance in front of camera is no easy task. One experiences a lot of pressure to just show up and shoot in front of the camera personnel with the clock quickly ticking. This is mainly why most beginners, unfortunately, fail at their first attempt. However, buy working with us for just one full day we can guarantee to easily keep you up to speed. You will also get to know the kind of performers you are expected to work with, and if you do not succeed at the first attempt, we give you the chance to keep trying.

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