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We are an Adult Modeling and Talent Management Company. Known for introducing pioneering talent in the world of adult modeling, our fundamental objective is to discover fresh talent, train and assist in booking multiple modeling projects. We also help our models with lodging, transportation and offer consultation to achieve high repute in this industry. You have come across the best adult model agency if you’re eager to become an adult model!

Typical solo assignments can deliver £300-£400 per shoot while boy/girl shoots generally pay around £700 to £1200 depending upon location, company and skill. Some adult production companies can also offer assignments worth £1500 per scene for elite first time models. If you’re beautiful and can bring a fresh attitude into the modeling industry, female adult models can easily earn up to £20,000 in the first month if you can travel back and forth from Europe to United States.

We recommend our models to wait 10-14 days initially. We will help you build a modeling portfolio that is complete with details inclusive of medical tests during the first 2-3 days while you spend the last 7-10 days working for paid shoots.

You must be legally 18 years of age and above with necessary documents – State Issued Photo ID/Drivers License/Passport or any other photo ID.

In order to apply you must submit the following:

· Name

· Age

· Height

· Weight

· Body Measurements

· Eye Color

· Hair Color

· 5-10 photographs which includes clothed, bikini, nude and lingerie shots

Please answer the following questions:

· Have you ever worked for an adult modeling agency before? Have you ever been part of an adult photo or video project? If so, please describe in detail.

· Are you currently working with any other adult modeling agency? Which ones?

· What are your sexual limits? Is there anything you don’t feel comfortable doing?

· When are you available to travel to other locations?

Our models are given complete authority to choose their modeling assignments, have control of the kind of adult modeling jobs they want. They are never pressured into accepting any assignment they feel uncomfortable with. We only offer consultation about the kind of jobs that are most suitable for the models. Depending upon personal preferences, our professional and amateur models work with the most reputable photographers and adult video producers in the industry.

All models are authorised to provide current medical records from either a sexual Health Clinic or Cutting Edge Testing Services. All models are tested 2-4 weeks before they take up any adult modeling assignment.

Yes. Our company prefers maintaining confidentiality in terms of private details about the models however we recommend them to maintain healthy relationships while embarking on a career as an adult model.

You will receive your payment directly from the photographers and production companies –either via cash or cheque deposit on the day of the shoot. Our agency has no connection with the payment the model receives. Extremely reputable companies pay by payroll cheque that is mailed to you within two weeks.